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Your Dedicated Mobile
Anaesthetic Service

Riverside Anaesthesia is your mobile anaesthesia partner of choice for out-of-hospital procedure throughout the greater Brisbane region.

What we offer

When a procedure requires anaesthesia, it’s best for the patient and their care provider to work with an expert anaesthetist. Riverside Anaesthesia provides safe, top-quality, personalised intravenous (IV) sedation (or “Twilight”) in your practice room with complete pre, intra and post-procedure care.


State-of-the-Art Mobile Center

With our mobile anaesthesia service, we transform your practice into a state-of-the- art procedural center so your patients remain under sedation and comfortable during routine or surgical work. This is perfect for your dental office. And there are is no cost for you! 

We are familiar with dental offices and other surgical out-of-hospital procedures. 

Our mobile anaesthetists work with many health practitioners and medical specialties, like:

What are the benefits?

Riverside Anaesthesia brings safe and top-quality anaesthetic care. 

Benefits for providers

No costs to your practice

True specialist service.

Convenience of performing procedures in your rooms.

Avoids delays with hospital and day surgery scheduling and availability.

Allows self-funded and uninsured patients to avoid costly hospital/day surgery fees.

We will work with your team to enable ease of scheduling.

Protection knowing anaesthesia is being provided by fully qualified specialists, not GPs or dentists.

Improved productivity due to patient compliance during sedation.

Improved patient satisfaction, through patient focused doctors.

Approachable, friendly group of doctors.