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 Anaesthetic fee is simply a function of the total time of patient care by the anaesthetist.  As an average, the total time billed by the anaesthetist is the full duration of the medical/dental procedure plus 30 minutes. 

 That’s 15 minutes to get a patient safely settled under sedation, then the  procedure, then 15 minutes to get the patient safely awakened from anaesthesia.


 Our prices include everything necessary to safely perform the anaesthetic (IV’s, medications, monitors, etc.). There are no hidden fees.

 Medicare will provide a partial rebate based on these factors. Private health funds do not cover procedural sedation in private rooms. Please check with your specific private health insurer.
Out of pocket cost to the patient will vary depending on the length of the procedure, their Medicare Safety Net position and whether they hold a concession Card or receive Family Tax Benefit A.

 We will help coordinating the Medicare claiming of the anaesthesia care if benefits are available. So the patients don’t need to worry about claiming submission during their recovery.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can go through your specific circumstances and provide a full assessment of your circumstances.

Your Fees as a valued client

We encourage you to speak with our team and your specialist anaesthetist about your fees.

They will answer all your questions before you pay and before you have your procedure. Individual IFC (Informed Financial Consent) is available to all our elective patients.

More information about Fees

AMA: Fees List

Medicare: What Is Covered


About TLC

TLC provides a payment plan solution to suit your needs. It’s been designed to cover your medical, dental, lifestyle and wedding needs and associated costs.

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